Corporate Reorganization

Our expert team helps restructure business for tax efficiency. From ownership changes to operation reshaping.
Personalized assistance for unique situations.

Corporate Reorganization

Corporate reorganization refers to changing how your business is structured. Whether it’s changing the ownership of a company to bring in other partners, changing the ownership of assets between corporations or people for tax or other reasons, or totally reshaping how your business operates, there are tax efficient ways to make it happen.

Reorganizations typically start with a business purpose, but can provide great tax benefits in the long run. Every situation is unique, and yours should get the special attention it requires. 

For our existing farm and business clients, this is part of the big picture planning that TGA considers each year when reviewing your year-end with you and discussing the future of the business. Of course, you know your business better than anyone, and we are happy to address and questions you might have regarding its structure.

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