Corporate Tax Returns

As a corporation in Canada, it is necessary to file a tax return annually and meet tax obligations on time.

Corporate Tax Returns

In Canada, every corporation that is legally registered and doing business in the country is required to file a tax return each year.

The deadline for most private corporations to file their tax return is 6 months after the end of their fiscal year, but the taxes that are payable on the income earned during the fiscal year are due 2-3 months after the end of the fiscal year. This means that it is important to complete the corporate tax return and financial statements within the payment deadline, rather than waiting until the filing deadline.

It is possible to complete a corporate tax return in isolation, but this is usually only done for very simple returns. In most cases, corporate tax returns are completed as part of a financial statement service, as the company’s financials provide the starting point for determining any taxes that are owed.

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